Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now add colors to your expressions

आज वॅलिंटाइन दिन के अवसर पर ज़पक मैल सर्विस मे आपको एक लुभानेवाला फीचर डाला गया हैं!
अभी आप आपके मूड के अनुसार मैल भेज सकते हो, जॅभी भी आप नया ईमेल लिखे तब आप अपने ईमेल
का बॅक ग्राउंड कलर चेंज कर सकते हैं. वॅलिंटाइन दिन के अवसर पर विशेष कुछ ईमेल बॅक ग्राउंड्स भी
आज रिलीस किए गये हैं!

तो आप एसका ज़रूर लाभ उठाये!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Zapakmail - lite!

ज़पकमेल अभी और भी फास्ट, सिंपल!हाँ, थीक सुना हैं आपने, ज़पकमेल ने फिलहाल ही अपने ईमेल सर्विस को और भी सिंपल और फास्ट बनाया हैं ज़पाकमेल की नयी टेक्नालजी अभी आपके इंटरनेट कोनेक्टिओं को पहचनके अपने आप अपापनी स्पीड ओर यूज़र इंटरफेस को ऑप्टिमाइज़ कर लेती हैं एस तराहा से भारतीय इंटेरेंथनेट के जो भी आपा उतार चढ़ाव देखते हैं वो कभी नही आएँगे और आपके एक सीमलेस ईमेल का अनुभव मिलेगा "ज़पक ईमेल लाइट" ये एक ऐसा फीचर हैं के जो आपको ये सारी चीज़े दे सकता हैं, और वो भी फ्री!- ज़पकमेल टीम

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Zapakmail Showcase -

Zapakmail Showcase -

1st ever mailbox with no login, Zapak is happy to announce the launch of Showcase where you do not even have to log into any mailbox to see those coolest emails which you just envied to have in your inbox. Zapakmail-Showcase is a great idea allowing the online community to explore the best emails of the world at one place and also allowing people all over the world to share there emails to the community by simply posting them to This addition certainly pushes Zapakmail ahead of a competition on feature set as well as something which others do not offer. With it’s great response so far, this can also bring a mind set shift of online analysts who weight the email service from Zapak as a MeToo service.

Zapakmail-showcase is equipped with features allowing you to Search, Browse, Forward and Share the emails under and it’s all with no logging in. If you like any of these emails and wish to send to your beloved ones, simply forward them to whosoever you wish! It also introduces a concept of community moderation where community itself can moderate the content as it appears online. If you feel offended with the content you can quickly categorize as abuse or move it to category which is made only for specific audience.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Zapakmail Showcase! - It's here and LIVE now!

Zapakmail Showcase! chckout it's live -

Check out Zapakmail showcase! - Do you know you can showcase your cool emails with the wolrd now, simply send those emails to and it will be posted to where millions can read it!

Zapakmail - It's fast, Simple and Free!

Zapakmail, the mail of India! -

Another me too? wait a sec it's not there is a difference!

Zapakmail is a fast penetrating service seeded recently and few who know long term it will have better returns for today's harvested accounts! After all it's a service which is a priority service built to take care of current needs and user inputs than trying to fit the systems built in 1990s in 2000! So truly long term this would be a service of 20th century - built in current times and covering the needs of current youth.

Have you checked out the place if not you should try it. The complete fun mail hub - search, post, discover those cool emails which you just saw with someone and not in your mailbox! Find that fun right here...

There is more to come!